The Spectrum TV channel lineup for the 2018-2019 season, including the newest lineup

Spectrum has announced a new digital TV channel in the form of Spectrum Online.

The channel, which is the online equivalent of the traditional TV channel, will be available to subscribers in select markets and will begin broadcasting in September.

Spectrum Online will also offer a variety of content including podcasts, video clips, documentaries, live radio, sports content and other types of content.

“Spectrum Online will be the channel that gives Spectrum subscribers access to a new and exciting digital television experience with a wide array of content and shows,” said Mike Rinaldi, President and CEO of Spectrum.

“Our commitment to the Spectrum brand extends beyond just a digital channel.

Spectrum will remain a trusted, leading provider of broadcast and digital TV, and we are excited to bring Spectrum Online to Spectrum customers.”

The Spectrum Online channel is currently available to Spectrum subscribers in the United States.

The channel will be rolled out to Canada and Mexico later this year.

“We are excited about the opportunities that Spectrum offers to offer Spectrum customers an innovative and affordable new digital television service,” said Scott Gagnon, President, Spectrum.

Spectrum is a wholly owned subsidiary of Charter Communications.