When the spectrum is gone, will the internet stay the same?

New Delhi: India’s largest internet service provider has said that it is looking into a proposal from a private firm to lease spectrum to provide internet access in rural areas.

Netcom, which has 4,000,000 subscribers, has been exploring ways to access the Indian countryside for more than a decade.

The company has been lobbying the government for permission to use spectrum for its infrastructure and to provide broadband connectivity in rural communities.

Netnet has also been looking into using spectrum in other parts of India for mobile networks.

It is currently using spectrum to supply its telecom service in parts of western India and northern states of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

On Tuesday, the company sent a letter to the telecom regulator, the Information Technology and Telecommunication Commission (ITTC), asking for the spectrum allocation for its rural broadband service, which is part of a nationwide broadband initiative.

Netco had said that the use of spectrum for the rural broadband services in the country was an important step to improve broadband connectivity and connectivity for people.

The use of such spectrum would help improve rural connectivity and enhance broadband connectivity for rural communities, Netco said.

In its letter, Netcom said that its use of the spectrum would “enhance rural connectivity in the areas under its control”.

Netcom has been looking at ways to utilise spectrum to connect rural areas since the beginning of the decade.

Netcast is a new service that provides broadband internet access to the public in the rural areas of India.

It was launched in October this year and offers internet access and voice services to 1.8 billion people.

Netcasts service has been rolled out across a variety of areas, including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka.