How to identify your symptoms and get help from your doctor

In a few minutes, you’ll find that you’ve got a spectrum of health problems that include headaches, bloating, dizziness, achy muscles, aching joints and, of course, a sore throat.

But the spectrum isn’t always clear-cut.

Here’s how to spot signs of an underlying condition.1.

Your neck feels tight and tight in your neck and your head.

If you’re in a state of stress or have difficulty sitting still, your neck might feel tight.

If your neck is tight or painful when you have a headache, you might have neck pain.2.

Your eyes can feel tired or cloudy, even if you’re not really tired.

It can be difficult to tell if you have an eye problem or just tired.

If it’s cloudy or fatiguing, it may be that your eyes are more sensitive to light.3.

Your stomach hurts or feels heavy, even though you’re full.

The stomach can also be bothered by stress.4.

Your skin feels tender and puffy, and it can be uncomfortable or difficult to breathe.5.

Your chest feels heavy or painful.

It might feel heavy and painful because it’s sore.

It may also feel heavy because you’ve had a heart attack.6.

Your hands and feet hurt or feel numb.

Your feet and hands are often affected by exercise, and you might be in pain if you do repetitive or difficult things like jumping on or running over things.7.

You have difficulty standing, walking, talking or doing anything that requires your attention or coordination.

It could be a sore foot, cramps in your legs, an irregular heartbeat or trouble concentrating.8.

Your teeth hurt or break, even while you’re chewing.9.

Your muscles feel weak or sore, even when you’re doing things that don’t require muscle contraction.

Your body can’t relax as it normally would.10.

You’ve been given a shot of an anesthetic that’s making you feel a lot of pain.

If that shot of anesthesia makes you feel like you’re getting more pain, you may have a painkiller overdose.11.

Your breathing sounds irregular, or you have difficulty getting a good enough oxygen supply.

Your lungs might be too short to breathe, or the oxygen supply is low.12.

You’re worried about your eyes, even after having a good night’s sleep.

The eyelids might feel cold, or they may be hard to see.13.

You may have trouble seeing or hearing things that you normally do.

Your hearing may be affected or you may be sensitive to sounds.14.

You might be having trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

The muscles in your face may hurt.15.

You feel like your muscles are sore or you’re tired.16.

You don’t feel tired, but you can feel that you’re lacking energy.

Your energy level might be down.17.

Your mind seems sluggish or sluggish.

You tend to focus on things and focus on the things that are bothering you.18.

You get a little tired when you work or concentrate.19.

You’ll start to feel like something is missing from your body or in your life.20.

Your mood changes when you start to sleep.

You become a little moody, but it can’t be too bad.

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