Why Google wants to make its own internet in 2018

In 2018, Google will start testing the use of its own Internet in cities across the United States and Canada, with a view to eventually rolling out nationwide.

Google will use its own data, sensors and network to build a network of Wi-Fi access points across cities, which will then be used to provide service to all residents of those cities.

Google has not announced plans to roll out its own network in other cities yet.

But Google’s own plan to expand its service to more cities could lead to the development of a nationwide network, which could be used by companies such as Netflix and Amazon, which are both using Google’s services in other countries.

For now, Google has only indicated that it will test its own service in cities where it can.

Google also said it will start deploying its own devices for Internet-connected services, such as smart TVs and smart cameras, next year, and that it has signed agreements with three companies to develop apps that will allow people to interact with the Google services.

Google said it also will begin working on new ways to make voice calls and video streaming easier and faster.

“With Google Fiber, we are moving from a system where a few hundred homes could get access to a large number of people, to a network that can support tens of thousands of homes,” Google said in a blog post about its Fiber expansion.

“We will continue to invest in infrastructure and service to make sure we are serving our customers at the right time and in the right way.

Google Fiber is the future, and we are committed to taking the next step in making that happen.”

The rollout of Google Fiber was announced in 2016, and Google began providing fiber Internet access to its first Fiber service customers in 2018.

But in October 2018, the company announced that it would be building out Fiber into a national network.

The company said it was adding a network called Fiber Express, and it was deploying Google Fiber to more than 60,000 homes across the U.S.

The Fiber network will be run by Google’s Alphabet subsidiary, Google Fiber Next.

Alphabet announced in September that it was acquiring rival Comcast Corp. for $45 billion in a deal that is expected to close in the first half of 2019.

The deal will also allow Alphabet to add Fiber to its own broadband service that was first launched in 2015, and the new deal gives Google Fiber a foothold in areas where Comcast is not yet able to offer a service.

In 2017, Google said that it had expanded Fiber service to 1 million homes across North America, and added another 50,000 in 2018 to expand the network to over 20 million homes.

The network will eventually reach 30 million homes in the U, U.K., Canada and Australia.

Development Is Supported By

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