Apple says it will launch new phone in Canada, UK in September, Germany in September 2018

Apple has officially confirmed that it will begin selling its own phone in the U.K., the U, and Germany in 2018.

The announcement came in a blog post published on Friday.

Apple is targeting to have a $1,000 price point for its first-ever phone in each of those markets.

The new iPhone 5S will be available in the UK and Germany by the end of September, Apple said.

The company is aiming to begin selling in the United States by the start of October.

In the U., Apple is aiming for a $499 price point in the US, with the device launching in a wide range of markets including the Uptown Los Angeles area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Los Angeles metro area.

Apple also plans to release a $100 price tag in Canada in 2018, but has not made any further announcements on the pricing yet.

Apple previously launched its own iPhone in Canada with a $50 price tag.