Spectrum cable box outage: The cable box is the big winner

On Wednesday, the cable box was down for almost a week and the FCC reported that it had lost $847 million, a net loss of $9,000 per subscriber.

The cable industry is reeling from the loss of the cable TV service it has relied on for decades.

That loss of revenue is a huge blow to the cable industry, which was the backbone of the internet and has relied heavily on broadband to reach its customers.

Spectrum TV, the company that built the service and is now the only one of the companies to be shuttered, has been unable to recoup its losses from its customers in the past.

Spectrum, which provides TV and Internet service to many areas in the United States, has more than 1.3 million subscribers, many of whom were cord cutters who switched to other services.

Spectrum was also one of three companies that created the new Spectrum TV service.

“Spectrum TV will continue to operate in all areas of the country, including in states that did not elect to provide Internet access for their residents,” the company said in a statement.

The new service is expected to be launched later this month.

Spectrum customers can now download movies and other content and watch live TV online, though the service will only be available for those who are signed up through Spectrum.

The company also said it will start charging customers for their monthly Internet service at the beginning of the month.

The loss of revenues from Spectrum is a blow to Cablevision, which has been a major player in the cable television market.

The two companies have been working together to make the transition to Spectrum TV possible, with Cablevision buying Spectrum TV for $5 billion in 2011.

Cablevision also plans to continue to offer its own Internet service and its own cable boxes.

But Spectrum, and other internet service providers, said that it will continue providing the cable boxes to its customers and that it would continue to make payments on the old service until after Spectrum TV closes.

Spectrum said that the loss will have no impact on its business and will allow it to make additional investments in its network and customer retention.

“The loss of its broadband service and the loss that will result from the transition is a setback to our long-term growth and success in delivering a truly digital experience to our customers,” the companies said in their statement.

Comcast, meanwhile, said in its statement that it is continuing to provide the old Spectrum TV and will continue its operations, and it will provide customers with the services that were on their Spectrum TV bill.

But Comcast said that customers should not lose out on the service because of the outage.

“We are working with Spectrum to ensure that our customers have the ability to continue using Spectrum TV,” the statement said.

Comcast also said that Spectrum TV is being “fully restored.”

It did not provide an estimate on how much the loss would cost.

But the loss does raise questions about Spectrum’s ability to deliver broadband service in areas where other internet services were already available.

“When Spectrum TV launched, it was a big deal, and now the Internet has gotten there,” said Jeff Kagan, a professor of telecommunications at the University of Texas at Austin.

“It’s not clear that they have the network and capacity to continue that.”

He said the cable companies will be able to “continue to provide fiber in the same areas and use Spectrum’s fiber to the home service.”

The FCC’s statement on the cable service’s loss is available here.

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