Spectrum internet plans may rise, plan to roll out modems

AUSTIN, Texas — Spectrum internet plans will soon roll out across the entire state of Texas, the first phase of the company’s plan to bring internet access to the entire population of the state.

Spectrum announced on Thursday that the company is currently planning to expand the rollout of internet service to the state of more than 5 million people. 

“We have already completed our first phase in the state,” Spectrum CEO David Kline said.

“We’ve got our first customers and we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

The first phase will begin in late April and continue through mid-May.

The plan is to bring our internet service across the state and to have the same service across all our markets, and in all the places we serve the state, including hospitals, prisons, schools, and government agencies,” Kline added.

The company plans to start rolling out the service in the next few weeks. 

The rollout is part of Spectrum’s plan of expanding access to high-speed internet access across the Texas market. 

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that Spectrum is expanding its rollout to the whole state of about 2.4 million people in the Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, New Mexico, and South Dakota markets.”

Spectrum has completed a large number of trials and tests, and we are excited to have completed all phases of our rollout,” Klin said. 

Spectra has a contract to provide internet service in Texas to about 5 million residents, Kline noted. 

According to Kline, Spectrum is currently the only carrier offering internet access in the United States. 

While Spectrum will offer internet service throughout the state through the new service, the company will also have other internet service providers offering internet services to the residents. 

However, there is no word yet on the availability of other internet providers in Texas.

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