When the spectrum wars are over, Spectrum could get a new owner: Reuters

The spectrum wars of the past few years have left many operators scrambling for the best price for the vast amounts of spectrum they own.

The spectrum auctions, which were held during the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, were held in response to rising prices.

Now, the U.S. government is stepping in to help solve the problem by auctioning off spectrum to a private company, Spectrum Entertainment Group, for an undisclosed amount.

This auction is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2020.

The auction has drawn criticism from advocates of smaller carriers who argue that the government has taken too long to decide who will get the spectrum.

“The U.s. government has already decided the auction will be held by Spectrum and the federal government has not yet announced who will bid on the auction,” said Paul C. Sallust, an attorney at the public interest law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, in an email.

“If the government decides that it wants to do a new auction and Spectrum does not get the government’s bidding, then the federal Government will be forced to step in and bid for the spectrum,” he added.

The federal government currently owns some 15 percent of the nation’s spectrum.

It is bidding on another 12 percent of that spectrum for an auction that could take place in 2021.

Sledgehammer is the biggest player in the auction and has said it wants the auction to take place during the lame duck year of 2021.

Spectrum, a subsidiary of the Communications and Electronics Association, is bidding for the 20 MHz band in an effort to increase broadband access.

The FCC, which has a monopoly on the spectrum, is in charge of regulating the auction, but it is not the sole bidder.

The Federal Communications Commission has a contract with the U-verse LLC, a company that owns the 20-MHz spectrum, to run the auction.

It has been in talks with the FCC since 2017.

But the bidding process for the auction has been criticized for being slow and expensive.

A Spectrum spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the criticism.

A spectrum auction is a complex process, especially in a market where prices for spectrum vary widely.

The companies that bid on it must also have an agreement with the federal agency that is the auction’s governing agency.

Spectrum is also bidding for a lot of spectrum it does not own, as well as spectrum owned by third parties that are owned by other parties.

The government has a history of doing deals like this with private companies, which can benefit from government contracts.

But in the case of the spectrum auction, the companies that won the auction have not agreed to any conditions on the contract.

“Spectrum Entertainment is looking for a new bidder for the 25 MHz band, the next-generation broadcast band,” Spectrum said in a statement.

“While Spectrum Entertainment has not been given any explicit notice of this, we believe Spectrum is the most likely bidder to benefit from this contract.”

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