How to use a new modems app on Charter Spectrum

A new modem app has been installed on Charter’s Spectrum platform, allowing users to rent, purchase and stream music, videos and apps directly from their own smartphones.

The app lets users sign up for a new Spectrum account and choose from up to 12 different modems to choose from.

These include Broadband, Fixed Wireless, Satellite and 3G modems.

The Spectrum app is designed for home use and for users who are familiar with their mobile phone’s operating system, but it’s also compatible with any modern smartphone with an internet connection.

Users can use the app to rent a fixed mobile phone or mobile broadband internet connection, a fixed TV tuner or an HD video player.

For a new user, it’ll give them the ability to rent an HD television, a television tuner, a HD video streaming device or a TV app.

The software also lets users choose between a range of TV channels, and the app will let them select their favourite TV channels and set up their own personal channel list.

Spectrum is an app that lets users rent mobile internet access.

The app has the ability for users to use the Spectrum app to stream music from a mobile phone, TV tuners or the internet.

Spectre is the first modems service on Charter to allow users to connect to their own devices without having to buy a separate smartphone, said Michael Fenton, general manager of Spectrum.

“The ability to connect directly to your Spectrum device gives us a lot of flexibility and control to deliver what our customers want, and we’re really happy to make that possible for them.”

Fenton said the Spectrum apps will be available for download from April 15, and Spectrum customers can sign up to download the app from the App Store.

The new app is also available for use on the Charter mobile app, the Charter TV app and the Charter Mobile app.

Users who sign up will be able to watch the latest TV shows and movies, browse the web, send text messages, play games, send and receive emails, browse social media and use the chat feature.

The new app will also let users stream TV shows, movies, music, news, sports, news and news shows.

Spectres app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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