The FCC is getting rid of net neutrality rules for 2018. Here’s what you need to know.

Posted October 28, 2018 06:13:07Here’s what happens next in the ongoing battle over net neutrality.

The FCC will vote on its proposal on November 13, but the rules will expire on December 31.

Here are some key things to know about the proposal.

What is net neutrality?

The rules protect an open Internet that allows all content and applications to be delivered on the same Internet access network.

That means that if a company’s site offers different features than a competitor’s, it can’t block that competitor’s content, but it can block the company’s own site.

The FCC says the proposal would make it easier for internet service providers to charge companies more for faster access.

If companies wanted to, they could use so-called “fast lanes” or “slow lanes” to help pay for faster connections.

The plan would also allow them to charge businesses for faster delivery.

The proposed rules have been a major topic of discussion since last year, when the FCC adopted its proposal, known as Title II, which is similar to Title I. Under Title II rules, Internet service providers can’t charge more for data traffic to websites, but they can charge content companies for faster speeds.

The proposal is also opposed by content companies like Netflix, which says it would give the FCC an incentive to prioritize certain kinds of content over others.

“We strongly oppose the proposal,” Netflix said in a statement.

“If the FCC’s proposal passes, consumers will be charged more for access to content that doesn’t fall into their preferred ‘fast lane.’

Consumers would also be unfairly disadvantaged.”

What does net neutrality mean?

The FCC proposed Title II rule in 2016, and the proposal has been the subject of much debate in Congress.

Congress passed two bills that would have weakened net neutrality protections and other parts of the law.

The legislation was supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, but critics say it’s too weak, and there’s still much to do to make it work.

The Senate passed a version of the bill in September.

Congressional Republicans want to repeal all the rules, which include a ban on blocking and throttling, and a ban against paid prioritization, which allows internet service companies to prioritize specific types of traffic over others, such as video and photos.

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