How do we fix a Spectrum outage in NYC?

In an attempt to fix an outage on the New York City public phone system, Spectrum Labs announced they were working to restore the call and data services that were down. 

The outage was first reported by local news outlets, but the outage itself was actually caused by a network malfunction. 

Spectrum Labs told The New York Times they “had no idea” the outage was due to a network problem, and were working on a fix. 

“We’ve had a number of problems with our network lately,” said David Lips, president and CEO of Spectrum Labs.

“The fact that we are having a problem with our call system is really indicative of the state of our system.” 

Lips said Spectrum Labs had no idea what caused the call outage, but said it could be due to network or hardware issues. 

When Spectrum Labs brought out its LTE-Advanced 5G network to NYC, the company saw a spike in calls from consumers who were experiencing data outages due to the outage. 

But Spectrum Labs’ LTE-Advance 5G LTE network was not yet ready for the public rollout of its 4G LTE service, so it did not have access to the call network. 

Lipts explained Spectrum Labs planned to bring out its 5G technology in the second half of the year, and it will be ready to roll out in early 2019. 

For now, Spectrum is still working on its LTE network and the call system. 

This story has been updated to include a comment from Spectrum Labs regarding the issue.

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