How the new spectrum is used for ‘near-peer’ mobile data service

Spectrum Net has made a name for itself for itself with its new mobile spectrum, which is used to deliver “near-instantaneous” data from a wireless network to a consumer.

However, the operator says it has also been making progress on the network’s deployment and the deployment of its spectrum is now being reviewed. 

“Spectrum Net is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to deploy its existing spectrum for the new ‘near peer’ mobile service, Spectrum Mobile Activate.

Spectrum Mobile Activate is a subscription service that allows Spectrum Net subscribers to connect to a Spectrum Net network using a Spectrum mobile antenna.

Spectrum Net will pay an annual subscription fee to Spectrum Net, which will cover the cost of the service,” Spectrum Net said in a statement on Tuesday. 

It is a relatively low-cost option for Spectrum Net users, who are also getting an LTE-A upgrade to boost their signal.

The company said that Spectrum Mobile activations will begin later this year and will be rolled out across Spectrum Net’s network. 

Spectrum Mobile Activates will be available to subscribers who subscribe to the company’s Spectrum Net plan for a fixed monthly fee of $5.99, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data. 

The operator said that subscribers will be able to receive an average of 4Mbps of LTE-T spectrum and 1Gbps of 3G-T LTE, which it said will help improve the “performance of the network in urban areas.” 

Spectra Net’s service, called Spectrum Net Plus, is expected to be rolled into its Spectrum Mobile app by the end of the year. 

Last month, Spectrum Net CEO Mark DeLuca announced plans to launch a new version of Spectrum Net with a subscription plan for $3.99. 

As part of its Spectrum Net mobile service plans, Spectrumnet also plans to roll out an LTE satellite network for $30 million.

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