How to buy Spectrum Internet for $50,000 from Spectrum TV

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Spectrum TV, which operates a network of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services, announced on Tuesday that it will be offering its new Spectrum TV Modem for $25,000.

Spectrum’s new modem is available in 4G and LTE bands for $15 per month.

Spectrum is the first provider of OTT video streaming on the planet.

It’s unclear exactly what the Spectrum modem can do, but we do know that the modem has “near field communications (NFC) technology.”

So, if you have a phone with an Android phone, you can use the Spectrum Modem to stream video from your phone.

That will allow you to stream your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu shows to your TV.

It will also let you stream your Hulu shows on the Spectrum TV app, as well as other video apps like Google Play Movies and TV Shows.

We don’t know the exact number of Spectrum’s OTT apps that will be available for download on the modem, but there are several other video services that use its technology.

Spectrum TV will also be offering an Android TV box with its own app for $49.95.

It is not clear if that box will be an Android version of Spectrum TV or an iOS version.

We’ve reached out to Spectrum for comment.

Spectre has partnered with Hulu to offer streaming to its new customers.

We reached out for comment, but will update if and when we hear back.