What you need to know about the new ‘Spectrum Silver’ package

The package comes with an official kit and the latest player numbers, with the silver-clad jersey and number of the new player coming next.

The new kit is the third of its kind to come in the 2018/19 season, with Nike’s “Silver” model introduced last season.

The “Silver 2” kit comes in white and black, while the “Silver 3” is a mix of silver and white.

Nike will introduce a new jersey for each of the five new teams this season, while Nike is also giving away a “Spectrum 2” jersey in a limited-edition colourway.

The kit is designed to be worn during the Champions League and Europa League games, as well as during the FIFA Club World Cup.

The package comes alongside the new jersey and numbers for the five-team squad, with a total of 20 new jerseys.

The jerseys are available in two different variations, one of which is made up of black and white stripes, and the other is a dark grey jersey with white stripes.

Nate’s kit is an evolution of the “Spectra” kit that was introduced last year, which was made of the same materials as Nike’s other kit.