When the next version of Minecraft comes to the Xbox One, Microsoft is going to want to keep you in the loop on what the next big update is going do.

Microsoft’s Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, who is also the founder of Mojang, has already promised to reveal a “major update” for Minecraft on Xbox One this year, but he hasn’t revealed a date.

Persson has also confirmed that he will be taking a break from the game to focus on his family and his business.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is Microsoft’s latest big update for Minecraft, which will come to the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It brings Minecraft to consoles on the Xbox 360, Xbox and Windows 10.

In January, Microsoft announced that Minecraft would be coming to Xbox One next year.

However, a month later, the company was not able to say when that update would be ready.

That delay has since been patched.

Microsoft is expected to introduce a new Minecraft-themed Xbox app in March.

The company did confirm on Monday that Minecraft: Pocket Edition would launch on March 6.

The Pocket Edition will come with a Minecraft map editor.

The app will also come with an in-game currency called gems.

Minecraft Pocket Edition, which launched in December, has a free trial that lasts until March.

Microsoft’s upcoming Minecraft update is called Minecraft: Live, which Microsoft describes as “a brand new and completely revamped Minecraft experience.”

In the Minecraft update, Microsoft promises a “fresh new look, new features, and a whole new way to play.”

This is what it’s like to play Minecraft on the new Xbox One: Players will have a new look in Minecraft: Living Story.

Players can now create their own homes and build houses from scratch.

Minecraft will be a completely new game mode on Xbox Live.

Players will be able to create and decorate their own Minecraft worlds.

Minecraft is available on Xbox consoles and PCs.

Minecraft on Minecraft will also be free for those who purchase Minecraft: The Official Edition on Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Players also have the option of downloading the Minecraft: LIVE game to their Windows 10 PC.

Players who have purchased the Minecraft Starter Edition will also get a free version of the game, with the exception of those who own a copy of Minecraft: Special Edition.

For those who have already purchased Minecraft on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and want to use the console version of that game, they will need to purchase the Special Edition on the PlayStation Store.

The console version will cost $20.

Players have the ability to customize their worlds and customize the Minecraft game to play on any Xbox One controller.

Players are also able to download the Minecraft client on the Windows 10 Store.

Minecraft client will be available on Windows 10 PCs as well as Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Minecraft and Minecraft: Mobile Edition will be coming on March 18.

Microsoft also announced that players can download the new Minecraft: VR Edition to their Xbox One at no cost.

Minecraft VR Edition is coming on Xbox devices, but the app will be free.

Minecraft fans who already have the game can download it for free.

Players with Minecraft VR edition can download a VR headset to play.

Players on Windows and Mac can also play the VR version of Mojave, the original Minecraft game.

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