Spectrum cable outage: Verizon says it will offer unlimited broadband for new customers

Verizon Communications is offering unlimited broadband plans for new and existing customers for the first time.

The company has made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday that it will launch unlimited data plans for the new customers starting at $35 per month.

The service will be available in select markets in the US.

The service will also offer up to 1GB of high-speed data for free to customers who sign up for the service.

The plan includes access to up to 50GB of free data per month and a 100GB cap on upload speeds.

Verizon also says it is providing a free voice phone number to new customers who are on the service plan.

The number will be limited to the amount of calls made per month by Verizon Wireless, which has about 60 million customers nationwide.

Verified customers can sign up to the service for $35 a month on a 2-year contract.

Verizon also offers unlimited voice service for an additional $10 per month to customers that sign up on a monthly basis.

Verify customers will also be able to use a device-specific plan to cover all their voice and data needs.

Verizon says they are adding a third plan to the mix for customers who use the phone more than 20 times a month.