NFL Network has announced a new, two-year deal with SiriusXM – but will the service remain on the network?

The NFL Network is in the middle of a two-decade run of profitability and will continue to stream games on its digital channels through 2021.

The news comes after the NFL Network had been struggling to maintain a presence on its streaming service, which relies heavily on partnerships with streaming services.

Its first three-year financial report said the network had lost $200 million in revenue from its streaming services, though the network says it has since adjusted its numbers to take into account subscriber losses.

The network also has been struggling with subscriber losses, with the company’s average subscriber paying $0.10 per month for its channels.

It’s unclear what the long-term future holds for the network, though a new agreement is being announced today by SiriusXM, which has a long-running partnership with the NFL.

In a statement, SiriusXM said: “We’re excited to announce a new two-years agreement with the NBCUniversal Sports Network to bring you sports, music and the NFL all in one place.

It’s our goal to make this new NBCUniversal-owned network the #1 place for all sports, including the NFL.”

SiriusXM will also be adding a new SportsCenter channel, which will air the NFL games and highlights, for the first time in 2017.

It will be a part of a “SportsCenter Live” package that will include sports, entertainment and other content from NBCUniversal.

The NFL has had a long relationship with NBCUniversal, having previously had the rights to air its games on the channel for two decades.

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