Why Google wants to make its own internet in 2018

In 2018, Google will start testing the use of its own Internet in cities across the United States and Canada, with a view to eventually rolling out nationwide.Google will use its own data, sensors and network to build a network of Wi-Fi access points across cities, which will then be used to provide service to […]

Why is the media ignoring the gender spectrum?

With the exception of the aforementioned female-to-male transgender people, the media has generally ignored the gender variance in their portrayal of women.However, the gender range of the characters on television is the norm.While it is not as prevalent as the male-to/female trans spectrum, this range is growing as more women gain visibility and visibility increases […]

When the spectrum is gone, will the internet stay the same?

New Delhi: India’s largest internet service provider has said that it is looking into a proposal from a private firm to lease spectrum to provide internet access in rural areas.Netcom, which has 4,000,000 subscribers, has been exploring ways to access the Indian countryside for more than a decade.The company has been lobbying the government for […]