What to know about the Spectrum net TV setup

Spectrum has a great new set of coverage plans.It’s a great way to take advantage of the new, live TV programming in your area, and to get the best out of the $100 monthly broadband internet subscription.Spectrum will begin offering a free TV package for $40 per month beginning July 25.The package includes high-definition channels […]

When you need to check whether your broadband is up to date, Spectrum down detector lets you check on the status of your internet connection

Spectrum down detectors, known as Spectrum internet, have come under fire in the past, but they’ve been touted as a useful tool for internet-users to keep tabs on their internet service provider (ISP) and network connectivity.Spectrum internet is the most popular of the wireless internet providers, with more than 70% of internet users now using […]

How do we fix a Spectrum outage in NYC?

In an attempt to fix an outage on the New York City public phone system, Spectrum Labs announced they were working to restore the call and data services that were down. The outage was first reported by local news outlets, but the outage itself was actually caused by a network malfunction. Spectrum Labs told The New York […]

How to read charter spectrum

The U.S. Department of Energy has a new tool to help people understand how their own home internet service works.The new tool, called Charter Spectrum Internet, lets users understand how they are connected to the national public wireless network.The Department of Defense and other agencies will also be using the tool.The agency is using the […]

What’s in a Spectrum Cable TV box?

Spectrum TV boxes are small boxes with a large television set, which can be connected to an internet-connected device.Spectrum TVs are typically priced around $300, but they can be had for a fraction of that.These are a very popular alternative to traditional pay-TV, with channels like CNN and MSNBC on the cheapest channels, and you […]

How to get rid of your television: A guide

The American conservative believes that we need to replace the TV with a cheap, easy-to-use streaming device that is built to stream to the home.In fact, the Republican Party has put forward a budget that would make such a device a reality.But what do we really need?This article examines the benefits of a streaming TV […]

How to get a new phone, with spectrum help

The next generation of phones may not look much different from the last generation, but there’s a lot more data and processing power inside.That makes for a significantly better phone, and with spectrum being cheap and plentiful in India, this is no exception.The mobile spectrum that’s available for purchase through the Cellular Operators’ Assurance Fund […]

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