How to get your wireless internet into your home

A new wireless spectrum band has been discovered that could be used to deliver broadband to homes across Britain, according to the BBC.The new band was discovered by UK researcher Andy McKeown in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.The band, which was named “Spectrum 1,” is the first time that a mobile spectrum […]

How do we fix a Spectrum outage in NYC?

In an attempt to fix an outage on the New York City public phone system, Spectrum Labs announced they were working to restore the call and data services that were down.┬áThe outage was first reported by local news outlets, but the outage itself was actually caused by a network malfunction.┬áSpectrum Labs told The New York […]

How broadband can help you save money online

How can you save some money on your internet bill?Here are some ways you can use the internet to get free broadband.First things first: don’t worry about paying the full price.You might think the full cost is the main reason you’re buying broadband.But it isn’t.The cost of broadband depends on what you need, where you […]