FCC to approve new wireless broadband spectrum deal with AT&T

AT&t and Verizon agreed Tuesday to a $25 billion spectrum purchase in a deal that would bring the nation’s largest wireless carriers together in the midst of a wireless-only era.The deal will provide wireless providers with about 40% of the spectrum for wireless service, but it won’t bring the two companies together until 2026.The transaction […]

Spectrum Health: Jobs and prospects

Spectrum Health, a leading provider of spectrum-enhanced treatments, announced plans to close its doors on June 1.Spectrum announced plans for a merger with Health Net, the second-largest provider of Spectrum-enhancement treatments in the U.S. to be sold to a company with a history of poor health care.Spectrum and Health Net did not immediately respond to […]

The best and worst of the spectrum internet service speeds

By Nick Farrar and James BannanThe spectrum internet speed battle is heating up, with new spectrum prices coming in the next few months.But the spectrum battle has also been taking place in the US, where some customers are facing outages as a result of the FCC’s decision to roll back the Obama-era net neutrality rules.The […]