What to know about the Spectrum net TV setup

Spectrum has a great new set of coverage plans.It’s a great way to take advantage of the new, live TV programming in your area, and to get the best out of the $100 monthly broadband internet subscription.Spectrum will begin offering a free TV package for $40 per month beginning July 25.The package includes high-definition channels […]

How to build your own space-based radio telescope

How to Build Your Own Space-Based Radio Telescope (SSR) Is your backyard telescope the perfect tool for astrophotography?Then this is the project for you.Here are a few things to consider before you embark on your next project.What to Know:SSRs are small antennas, typically measuring a few centimetres across, that use microwaves to generate high-quality images.The […]

Spectrum Health: Jobs and prospects

Spectrum Health, a leading provider of spectrum-enhanced treatments, announced plans to close its doors on June 1.Spectrum announced plans for a merger with Health Net, the second-largest provider of Spectrum-enhancement treatments in the U.S. to be sold to a company with a history of poor health care.Spectrum and Health Net did not immediately respond to […]