New Telstra customers face new spectrum blackout

New Telcom customers who purchased spectrum for the new spectrum auction in 2018 will see their service cut off after the end of this month.This will happen as a result of the reclassification of the network to an access service (AT) in October 2018.In October 2018, Telstra and the ACCC agreed that there would be […]

Spectrum internet plans may rise, plan to roll out modems

AUSTIN, Texas —┬áSpectrum internet plans will soon roll out across the entire state of Texas, the first phase of the company’s plan to bring internet access to the entire population of the state.Spectrum announced on Thursday that the company is currently planning to expand the rollout of internet service to the state of more than […]

How to talk to your autistic spectrum disorder (sensory) care provider

I’m a Spectrum Care Provider.I work with patients with autism spectrum disorder who require specialized attention and care.The Spectrum Care Network is the leading autism care network in the country.Spectrum Care is a non-profit, nonprofit organization.We help people who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) communicate with their caregivers, family and other people.What’s in the Spectrum […]