Which spectrum is right for your broadband?

It’s not just the quality of the spectrum that matters, either.When choosing a broadband provider, you want to know what’s the best value for money and you need to make sure the network you choose meets your needs.The spectrum you buy for your home will determine how much data you get and whether or not […]

When is the next time we can be treated with a drug?

With a little help from the EU, Europe’s drug watchdog, it’s time to treat patients with the medicine that they deserve.The Commission, under new President Jean-Claude Juncker, is looking into new treatments for some patients who are suffering from chronic pain, chronic depression and a host of other conditions.These include some that are not covered […]

What we know about the opioid crisis

A month after a major outbreak of the highly addictive opioid fentanyl, the country’s drug czar has announced plans to expand access to prescription painkillers and increase testing and treatment.The announcement came in a speech Monday at the Brookings Institution, a nonpartisan Washington think tank.“It’s no secret that prescription painkiller addiction is the most dangerous […]